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How to Plan Your Walk-in Closet

Before you start drawing up design options for your closet,  consider everything you want to STORE in it and HOW you want to store those items.

  • Do you need more drawers or hanging storage?
  • How long do your hanging storage areas need to be?
  • Do you need to accommodate storage for dresses, suits or long winter coats?
  • Do you hang your slacks full length or draped over a dowel rod?
  • Do you like open shelving or do you prefer drawers?
  • Do you roll your belts or hang them?
  • Fold your ties?
  • Need jewelry drawers with custom dividers?

Try to account for EVERYTHING you want to store and how you want to store them all.  Then figure out what size you need to build each storage section based on the size of the items that will be stored them. 


Excellent place to start is to see if you have enough room to store to place and hang your belongings. Consider streamlining your walk-in closet by implementing a closet system. Our custom designed solutions come complete with a variety of storage options, like shelves, drawers, built-in closet rods and a shoe rack. Not only do these closet systems allow customizable assembly, but they provide timesaving accessibility, keeping items visible and within reach.

Organize and Optimize

It is important to identify and classify each item in order to maintain organization within your walk-in closet. A clutter-free space will not only simplify the task of finding the items you need, but it will make your closet a welcoming room.

Creating an Inviting Space

Creating a space that is inviting, modern, function and organized.  Our designer can help you create a space that will become a focal point of your environment.  Adding, special sections for your designer handbags, shoes and the layout may include a chaise lounge, custom island or gorgeous chandelier.

Lighting and Staging

Adding proper lighting can make space come to life and will add tremendous value to your home.  Lighting options can be placed strategically and include a chandelier, recessed or cabinetry lighting providing focus to areas in your walk-in closet.

Finally, we can help you stage your walk-in closet with a chaise lounge or a favorite piece of art.

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